Manage Expectations in Real Time.


About RTA

  • RTA is scheduling and logistics software that incorporates a mobile app and web based dashboard to keep the office, customer, and driver better informed.

  • RTA automatically confirms your scheduled appointments, records activity & and notifies your customers of delays.


Features Overview

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Simplify Communication

  • Your office receives calls from customers and drivers, resulting in a “communication triangle”. 

  • Without RTA the challenge is facilitating communication between you, your drivers and your customers.

  • Where are you? Whats going on? When can you get there?

  • Choice must be made between reinforcing the existing wait window, or time spent gathering information

  • With RTA each driver’s activity can automatically let you and your customer how things are going - there’s no additional effort.

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Internal Benefits

  • RTA saves time with accurate scheduling and transit estimates.

  • RTA helps anticipate where your trucks will be next. Information about every employees status available at a glance.

  • Drivers can update scheduled activity to account for delays in loading, travel, and time on site.

  • Simple operation for drivers.  4-5 button presses over the life of a job.

  • Information in the office is always real time, regardless of granularity provided to the customer.


Customer Benefits

  • Customers appreciate small delivery windows and accurate projections.

  • Customers are notified of delivery windows automatically.

  • Customers can be notified automatically with confirmations, delivery windows, or “On My Way” text messages.

  • There is less downtime and uncertainty related to jobs and deliveries.

RTA has been great in that the customers know when the men leave the warehouse or their homes, and their expected time of arrival. This lowers customer anxiety, dramatically improving the chances that we will have a satisfied customer. A little courtesy goes a long way.
— Peter Shihadeh, Sand Free

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